Having a baby girl is just enough reason to learn sewing. But what do I sew for a 2yr old boy! I’m no good at knitting and quilting. ┬áThat just isn’t my cup of tea.

Igoogled for something suitable for me to start with. And found this lovely tutorial. The yellow looked so cheerful. But I decided to start with some fabric n rick rack I had with me.

Crib organizer

Crib organizer

Crib organizer

I’m so happy how it came out. I did not have fusible batting so I sandwiched a peice of soft yet thick drape fabric in between the main fabric. The straps are from my elder son’s pants. Buttons too. I love white buttons sewn down with red thread, though its very common.




This was my first project of its kind. Made it out of left overs and few embellishments (if any!) I had handy. I’d love your comments….

Hello world! I’m greatly inspired by the designs and blogs of ┬áthe sewing bloggers round the web. Sewing and clay modelling are my favourites and there are lots of lovely patterns, tutorials and ideas on the net. I hope to be in touch with the experts and enthusiasts through my blog.